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Zoomers Fulcrum Hand Paddle

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Zoomers Fulcrum Hand Paddle

Product Code:ZOOEQP0100
Zoomers Fulcrum Hand Paddle
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Zoomers Fulcrum Hand Paddle

Fulcrum Hand Paddles allow you to push harder and safer through the water. The most common cause of shoulder injury to swimmers occurs during the inital push at the beginning of the stroke. Fulcrum Paddles are designed so they can be moved very easily at this crucial segment of the stroke. Once you reach the "catch" position, you can push very hard, very safely. Fulcrum Hand Paddles are the ideal companion to the Freestyler Hand Paddles, which perfect hand entry to lengthen the stroke and initiate rotation. The Fulcrum Paddles focus on the subsequent propulsive catch phase to achieve strength training and optimum stroke rate.


Symmetrical shape eliminates potential damage to the arm and shoulder caused by torque forces of asymmetrical paddles

Wrist cutout shifts center-of-force closer to the wrist joint, reducing stress to the forearm and enabling major upper body muscles to engage full capacity

Five sizes of surface area allow the swimmer to customize workouts

Inherent movement fo the paddle is safe, allowing for successful use of larger paddles and increased quality of workout with every stroke

Sizes: Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge

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