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Zipp 404 Clincher Rear Bicycle Wheel - Beyond Black

Home » Bike Gear » Wheels » Clincher Bicycle Wheels » Road Cycling Wheels - Clinchers » Zipp 404 Clincher Rear Bicycle Wheel - Beyond Black - 2012
Home » Shop By Brand » Zipp » Zipp Bicycle Wheels » Zipp - Clincher Wheels » Road Bike Clincher Wheels » Zipp 404 Clincher Rear Bicycle Wheel - Beyond Black - 2012

Zipp 404 Clincher Rear Bicycle Wheel - Beyond Black - 2012

Product Code:ZIPWHE6180-12
Zipp 404 Clincher Rear Bicycle Wheel - Beyond Black - 2012
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The Zipp 404 Clincher Front Bicycle Wheel utilizes the go-anywhere, win-anything 58 mm rim depth model and convenience of clincher tires with an aluminum brake track.

For greater strength and reliability, Zipp’s M2CM™ technology fuses the aluminum hoop to the inner carbon section during the molding process. And still, the 404 clincher features Zipp’s exclusive ABLC™ dimples, VCLC™ vibration-reduction technologies, and the smooth, stiff and durable 88/188 hubset.

New for 2012, the 88/188 hubset has been improved with a 7.5 mm wider bearing stance and a body shape canted out by 2 degrees for added stiffness and strength. The fully sealed hubset comes in a stealthy Beyond Black.

·          Recommended and approved brake pads. These brake pads have been tested and approved by Zipp for use with their tubular and all carbon clinchers. Failure to comply with these recommendations could negate your warranty.

o   Tangente Platinum Pro

o   Zipp Tangente cork pads

o   Bontrager cork pads

o   Zipp carbon/carbon pads

o   SwissStop yellow pads

·          ABLC™ - Advanced Boundary Layer Control (ABLC) refers to the patented and instantly recognizable dimpled pattern found on most of Zipp’s rims. ABLC smoothes airflow across the rim's surface and is tailored to every model from the 202 to the Sub9 disc. 2009 sees the third-generation of ABLC, with up to 4 times more dimples than before. 

·          VCLC™ - Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control (VCLC) uses a vibration-absorbing material sandwiched between layers of rigid carbon laminate in the rim. When the wheel receives an impact from the road, much of the shock is absorbed by the VCLC system, delivering a 10% reduction in vibration.

·          M2CM™ - Multi-Material Co-Molding (M2CM) ensures that Zipp clincher rims are the world's strongest. The process permanently fuses a sub-200 gram aluminum hoop to a carbon structure with the same dimpling as Zipp’s tubular rims and their patented toroidal bulge, which acts as a leaf spring to reinforce the aluminum during impacts. The spokes lace directly to the carbon body for a fully structural rim that blends the ride feel of carbon with the braking performance of aluminum.

·          88/188 Hub Technology - Every aspect of Zipp’s 88 and 188 hubs sets a new benchmark. The standard steel bearings are the roundest in the industry. The 17mm axle is the stiffest of any road hub Zipp has tested. The wire EDM-cut hub internals are the most precise. The SHIFT spoke hole technology is the most durable. When it comes to precision and performance, there's really no comparison.

·          Tire Bead Inside to Inside - 13.72mm

·          Recommended Tire Width - 21mm

·          Max recommended rider weight - 225lbs

·          Rim Used – 505

·          Hub Used – 188

·          Rim Depth - 58.0mm

·          Aero Width - 22.45mm

·          Nominal Tire Bed Width - 13.72mm

·          Spoke Count – 20

·          Spoke Length Non-Drive - 248mm

·          Spoke Pattern Non-Drive – Cross

·          Spoke Pattern Drive -  Radial

·          Spoke Length Drive - 234mm

·          Max Tire Pressure - 125psi

·          Track Adaptable – No

·          Dimpled Surface – Yes

·          External Nipples – Yes

·          Weight - 888g