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Triathlon Shorts - A Buyer's Guide

When selecting triathlon shorts, one must consider which tri short qualities will be most beneficial to his or her needs. Among the attributes that one must consider are inseam length, chamois padding, number of pockets, leg gripper type, compression properties and fabric.Read Full Article

Triathlon Wetsuits Overview

Triathlon or open water swimming wetsuits are designed to enhance buoyancy, reduce surface friction, and maintain body heat while providing a high degree of flexibility and comfort. Manufacturers accomplish this by using different types and thickness neoprene rubbers strategically placed throughout the suit, and coating the external surface area with low friction coatings.
The two most common designs of triathlon wetsuits are the Fullsleeve one piece version (long sleeves and long legs) and the Sleeveless one piece version (shorts sleeves and long legs). Less common designs are Short Johns (short sleeves and short legs) and two piece versions for which the top and bottom are separate pieces. See related article comparing Fullsleeve and Sleeveless wetsuits.Read Full Article

Sleeveless Versus Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuits

Deciding between a Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit and a Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit is one of the first decisions a triathlete must make when shopping for a tri wetsuit. The primary factors to consider are water temperature, intended use, budget and fit.Read Full Article

Triathlon Checklist - Do I Have Everything I Need For Race Day?

In response to the beginner triathlete's broad question (we do get some variation of this question almost daily), "What will I need to compete in my first triathlon?", we recommend taking the simplistic view and breaking down the triathlon into the 3 disciplines of swim, bike and run. Under each discipline, the beginner triathlete will require items to compete, and some items may be optional. Below, we have broken down the race into the disciplines of swim, bike and run as well as a separate section for transition.Read Full Article

Winter Cycling Apparel Must Haves

When the temperature drops, it's not necessary to store your bike for the winter and give up on riding. As long as you have the proper winter cycling apparel, cold weather riding can be very enjoyable! Protective winter cycling clothing is typically customized for men and women and is designed specifically to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable in any conditions. Below are the most important items to consider to ensure you stay protected throughout the cold winter months.Read Full Article

Choosing the Right Winter Cycling Tight

For dedicated cyclists and bicycle commuters alike, winter weather provides a serious challenge. If you decide to venture outside with your bike as the temperature drops, having the proper gear is of the utmost importance. Because your legs are doing most of the work, it's vital to find a winter cycling tight that helps regulate temperature and keeps you dry, but isn't restrictive or uncomfortable during movement.Read Full Article

Choosing the Right Winter Cycling Jacket

Investing in quality cycling gear will ensure you a more comfortable ride this winter. Specific men's and women's cycling jackets are designed to offer protection in all different types of weather conditions; keeping you cool while you're pushing hard up a hill and providing warmth while on a long descent. When it comes to winter cycling, thermal cycling jackets are a great option. Made with a combination of panels and vents, including wind-resistant fabric and a breathable, more flexible thermal soft shell, these jackets provide maximal warmth in dryer conditions while still providing protection from light rain or snow. Additionally, mesh-lined vents wick away moisture from sweat and increase air flow. Specific technical fabrics cause water droplets to roll off the jacket and simultaneously allow moisture from sweat to escape.Read Full Article

Winter Running Jackets

Even though temperatures are dropping, you don't have give up on exercising outdoors and head to the gym until spring. As long as you wear appropriate gear, you can skip the treadmill and continue running comfortably outdoors all throughout the winter. Specific men's and women's running jackets are designed for use in lower temperatures and have a variety of specific features to ensure you stay comfortable in the cold no matter how long you're outside running.Read Full Article

Four Reasons You Need Cycling Gloves

As cyclists, we’re often concerned about the gear we absolutely can’t ride without - items like shoes and padded shorts. Another crucial piece of the puzzle? Cycling gloves, a smaller yet vital piece of gear. They’re not just there to help you “look the part” of a cyclist. Here are four reasons you should consider cycling gloves.Read Full Article

Cycling Shorts - A Buyer's Guide

New road cyclists or those looking to take the next step in training often ask one question when it comes to cycling shorts: “Are they worth it?”. The verdict? Most will say that unless you’re just riding a few miles, they’re worth the investment.Read Full Article

Pros and Cons of Using a One-Piece Triathlon Suit

For triathletes, “what to wear” is an age-old concern. A tri suit, worn during all three legs of a triathlon, is a key item you’ll need for raceday. You have two basic options when it comes to tri suits and one of the most common questions for those searching for gear is: “one-piece or two-piece tri suit?”.Read Full Article

Competition Swimwear Choices

When shopping for competition swimwear, a handful of factors should be considered to ensure the suit you choose performs to expectations. These key factors include the swimmer's level, intended use and fit preferences.Read Full Article

Compression Apparel - A Buyer's Guide

In sport, compression apparel is clothing designed to stabilize muscles for more effective performance, and to delay the build up of lactic acid in the muscles to aid in recovery. While originally designed to treat those with vascular problems (mainly in those who are bedridden or otherwise immobile) and disorders that involve swelling, healthy athletes also use compression gear because the specific, powerful fabrics are said to aid in recovery or performance.Read Full Article

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