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Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Running Watch

Home » Bike Gear » Heart Rate Monitors & Watches » GPS Watches » Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Running Watch
Home » Run Gear » Heart Rate Monitors & Watches » GPS Watches » Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Running Watch

Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Running Watch

Product Code:TIMWAT2400-11
Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Running Watch
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The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Running Watch was designed for runners who want to say goodbye to repetitive loops, complicated mapping and over-planning. With a large, easy-to-read, customizable display, you can see exactly what you want during a workout. Plus the 8-hour battery life and 50m water resistance give you the reliability you need from a training tool. Don't let training get in the way, enjoy the freedom of running and let the Run Trainer system do the rest.

Built for Running

-   Track Pace, Distance, Heart Rate, Altitude and more – real time viewing or post workout review

-   Advanced training features – interval timers and pace alerts can help you reach a personal record

-   Large and easy-to-read display readable while in motion, and you can customize what and how much information is on-screen

-   Iconic design – the design that has made Timex Ironman watches a favorite of runners around the world

Timex Ironman Quality

-   Easy-to-Use – The Run Trainer watch uses a robust yet intuitive user interface that Timex is known for. So if you’ve used Timex’s best selling 30-lap, you will be able to figure this one out quickly.

-   50M Water Resistance – Have confidence that running n the rain or getting wet will not hurt your Run Trainer Watch

-   Long Battery Life – 8 hour battery life in full GPS mode has you covered for most long training runs and races

-   INDIGLO night light – Can be used on demand or as full time illumination

Latest Technology

-   SiRFstarIV – Cutting-edge technology helps capture GPS signal quickly and accurately to track your performance and route.

-   ANT+ Compatible – Seamlessly link to any foot pod or heart rate sensor with ANT+ technology

-   TrainingPeaks – After your workout, review maps and performance on Timex’s free online training log powered by TrainingPeaks

Watch Modes

-   Chrono Mode – Hands free automatic workout recording based on distance or time and lice pace and distance data

o    Once you have locked onto the GPS signal, press START/SPLIT to begin recording your workout and to see live pace and distance data.

o    Press START/SPLIT to record splits and laps, or set the Run Trainer for hands-free, automatic recording based on distance or time. Customize the watch with a three or four line display and a choice of up to 16 data points.

o    Programmable hydration/nutrition timers remind you to drink and eat.

-   Interval Timer Mode – Interval Timer allows you to configure alerts for each interval based on pace, heart rate or running cadence.

o    Beneficial to athletes who wish to enhance their training with individualized performance goals.

-   Timer Mode – Program a simple countdown timer that can stop, repeat or start the Chrono mode at the end. It counts repetitions and provides a halfway alert during the countdown.

-   Recovery Mode – When connected to a chest sensor, the watch can track how long it takes for your heart rate to recover after a workout, which is an indicator of fitness level. The Run Trainer records the beginning and ending heart rates along with their delta value. Recovery timing begins automatically with a paused/stopped workout, or it can be manually started in Recovery Mode.

-   Review Mode – Review workout results organized by date and time for up to 15 workouts, with up to 100 split/lap times per workout. The watch automatically erases the oldest workout as you record new ones, or you can lock a workout to preserve it in memory for later reference.

o    You can also review your workouts online after you use the Timex Device Agent to upload your workout data to the free online training log powered by TrainingPeaks.

-   Configure Mode – The Run Trainer Watch is highly customizable to provide users with the level of individualization they need.

o    Set alerts to help maintain your pace or speed.

o    Set alerts based on heart rate or running cadence when equipped with an ANT+ chest sensor or foot pod.

o    Program alerts for distance or altitude to signal you when you have reached your workout goal.

o    Refine the calories burned calculations by inputting your age, gender, weight, height and activity type/level.

o    Recording frequency, GPS data smoothing and display contrast settings are available to meet each athlete’s needs.

-   Alert Mode – Set up to 5 alarms in the Run Trainer watch and choose from daily, weekday, weekend, one-time, and weekly frequency. Even rename the alarm title to add that extra bit of personalization.

Get Connected

-   Computer Software – The Times Device Agent desktop software is the link for the computer capability of the Run Trainer. Select workouts to download and change watch settings or configurations right from your keyboard.

-   Online Software – Once workout data is uploaded, an online training log powered by TrainingPeaks provides maps, graphs and analysis of your workout.


·          Customizable Display – User-configurable display with up to 4 data lines (heart rate, pace, distance, cadence*, elapsed time and more). You can set up and configure watch settings easily with drop-down menus on your computer.

·          USB Connected – Upload data, customize watch settings and recharge the battery with the custom USB cable

·          15-Workout Memory – Recall up to 15 workout sessions (up to 100 laps each) with dated summaries of your performance metrics

·          Variable Intensity Interval Training – Interval Timer allows you to configure alerts for each interval based on pace, heart rate or running cadence. This can be beneficial to athletes who wish to enhance their training with individualized performance goals.

·          Wireless Sensor Compatibility – Utilizes on-board ANT+ Technology to receive data from the Timex hart rate and/or foot pod sensors, giving you accurate real-time performance metrics.

·          Hands Free Automatic Operation – Hands-free automatic option allows you to take automatic performance measurements at set intervals based on distance and time.

·          Long Life Battery – The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will last up to 8 hours in full GPS Mode and 2.5 months in Time-Only Mode.

·          SiRFstar IV™ GPS Technology for Quick, Reliable Performance

·          Pace, Distance and Heart Rate in Real Time

·          Customizable Display with up to Four Data Lines

·          15-Workout Downloadable Memory with Dated Summary

·          Hands-Free Chronograph Operation

·          Five Interval Timers with Optional Warm Up / Cool Down

·          Alerts for Heart Rate, Pace and Mode

·          Hydration and Nutrition Reminders

·          Recovery Heart Rate Timer

·          Countdown Timer

·          5 Alarms

·          Compatible with ANT+™ Foot Pod Sensors

·          8-Hour Battery in Full GPS Mode

·          Water-Resistant to 50 Meters

·          INDIGLO® Night-Light

*Cadence is available with the use of any footpod with ANT+ technology

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