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Competition Swimming Gear & Apparel Shopping Guide

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Choosing the Right Swimming Goggle: Lens Type & Lens Color

Choosing the right lens type and color is one of the two most important decisions when purchasing swimming goggles. The other one is the type of frame. The best swimming goggle lens type and color depends on where you swim and weather conditions.Read Full Article

Using Swimming Aids to Improve Technique

Various swimming aids have been created to help perfect swimming technique. Read below for a list of helpful gear that will increase your confidence in the waterRead Full Article

Competition Swimwear Choices

When shopping for competition swimwear, a handful of factors should be considered to ensure the suit you choose performs to expectations. These key factors include the swimmer's level, intended use and fit preferences.Read Full Article

Compression Apparel - A Buyer's Guide

In sport, compression apparel is clothing designed to stabilize muscles for more effective performance, and to delay the build up of lactic acid in the muscles to aid in recovery. While originally designed to treat those with vascular problems (mainly in those who are bedridden or otherwise immobile) and disorders that involve swelling, healthy athletes also use compression gear because the specific, powerful fabrics are said to aid in recovery or performance.Read Full Article

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