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SRAM Force DoubleTap Shift/Brake Lever Set

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SRAM Force DoubleTap Shift/Brake Lever Set

Product Code:SRABRK0120-10
SRAM Force DoubleTap Shift/Brake Lever Set
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The SRAM Force DoubleTap Shift/Brake Lever Set puts the revolutionary competitive advantage of DoubleTap® technology right at your fingertips. SRAM Force maintains its carbon looks, super lightweight, and ProTour proven durability. Also added is Zero Loss shifting, which engages front shifts immediately. And, like SRAM Red, SRAM Force moves the front trim position to the big ring. SRAM Force also incorporates the popular reach adjust feature, which SRAM invented, and allows riders to customize their brake and shift levers.

·          DoubleTap - DoubleTap technology makes the leap to the flatbar 9 and 10-speed bikes, delivering smooth up and down shifts are lightning fast. The shift lever is adjustable for quick customization and the gear indicator is easy to see for quick reference.

·          Exact Actuation - When SRAM launched their road technology from scratch they reapplied their MTB proven SRAM 1:1 actuation ratio (shifter cable travel : derailleur movement) for 10 speed rear shifting. EA helps to simplify/stabilize the uneasy act of balancing rear derailleur hanger design, tight cog spacing and exact cable tension. The result: the easiest index shifting system to set up and it stays that way.

·          Zero-Loss - Zero- Loss simply means, well, zero loss—when you push on the lever, for an upshift or down shift, the cable is engaged instantly—zero loss of movement. There is no middle-ground where you're waiting for the shift to come. Gear changes are instant and precise.

·          Proprietary DoubleTap® technology delivers smooth up- and downshifts in one motion.

·          Ergonomic design is comfortable, aerodynamic, and hides all cables, while weighing only 303g.

·          Carbon Brake Lever and Magnesium Shift Lever are light, stiff, and comfortable.

·          Technology - DoubleTap® with ZeroLossTM on the front

·          Speeds - 10 rear, Double FC front

·          Material - Carbon Brake Lever, Magnesium Shift Lever, Titanium

·          Weight - 302g

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