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Runervals Videos

Runervals Videos

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Runervals Videos
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Get fit and get fast with these three Runervals workout videos!

Run with Coach Troy Jacobson and his guest athletes in these tough 45 minute interval workouts on treadmills.

Join the training session as Coach Troy takes you through intervals in which he'll shout out changes in tempo and treadmill speed/incline to vary your workout intenstity. Run these workouts on a regular basis and there's no doubt that you'll get fit and fast!

Set to upbeat music and with on-screen graphics, Runervals workout videos are so motivating and effective, you may never want to run on the track again!

Runervals 1.0 - Easy Intervals with Team Clydesdale

The perfect workout for beginners and as a recovery day for advanced runners, this 45 minute workout includes basic intervals with walk/jog recovery breaks. Run with members of Team Clydesdale as they get in shape for 5k and 10k road races!

Length: 45 Minutes

Runervals 2.0 - Treadmill Tempo

Do you like doing 400 meter tempo workouts on the track to develop strength and speed? If so, this is the workout for you! Join Coach Troy as he takes you through 45 minutes of challenging tempo running. For intermediate to advanced runners, this workout is perfect in preparation for the 5k, 10k and even the half marathon!

Length: 45 Minutes

Runervals 3.0 - Cheetah Fast!

Train with Coach Troy and several elite runners, including 2000 U.S. Olympic triathlete and Olympic marathon trials runner Joanna Zeiger. This 45 minute high intensity treadmill workout is designed to increase your strength and speed like no other. Add this workout to your training regimen, and a PR is in your future!

Length: 45 Minutes

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