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Sorbothane Women's UltraSole

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Sorbothane Women's UltraSole

Product Code:SORARS0460-09
Sorbothane Women's UltraSole
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Face it: we run like girls. That is - women runners are unique in their anatomy, foot biomechanics, and gait cycle. Running shoe companies have finally dedicated research to women runners and are offering shoes addressing these issues. Now Sorbothane, the number one insole for shock absorption, makes these good shoes better with Sorbothane Women. Designed to fit a woman's foot, improve gait cycle, and enhance women's specific running shoes. And because they are Sorbothane, Women's UltraSole insoles offer unrivaled shock absorption, preventing fatigue and injury. Durable, comfortable, and proven to relieve pain, Women's UltraSole enable women to move and run like we are meant to, even longer.

  • Runner’s Last – curves to prevent excessive pronation and to properly fit women’s lasted running shoes
  • Polyurethane Layer – for structural support, cushioning, and additional energy return. Absorbs and dissipates impact shock
  • Relatively Wide Toe Area – mimics a woman’s more dramatic heel-to-toe ratio
  • Sorbothane Enrgycore – prevent excessive rigidity in midsole to address a woman runner’s lighter weight
  • Sorbothane Heel Insert – absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock, reducing impact-related injuries, jarring, fatigue, and pain while adding comfort
  • Narrow Profile – through heel and midosle provides anatomically correct representation of a women’s foot
  • Anti-Slip Fabric Cover – prevents foot from sliding too far forward in shoe, common for women
  • Deeper Heel Cup – secures heel and properly aligns ankle with shoe

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