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Smith Optics Backdrop Polarchromic Sunglasses

Home » Run Gear » Sunglasses » Performance Sunglasses » Performance Transition Sunglasses » Smith Optics Backdrop Polarchromic Sunglasses
Home » Bike Gear » Sunglasses » Performance Sunglasses » Performance Transition Sunglasses » Smith Optics Backdrop Polarchromic Sunglasses

Smith Optics Backdrop Polarchromic Sunglasses

Product Code:SMIGLA0120-10
Smith Optics Backdrop Polarchromic Sunglasses
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We're sorry, this product is currently unavailable. Don't worry, we have more Performance Transition Sunglasses in stock.

A perfect complement to the Touchstone, the Smith Optic Backdrop Polarchromic Sunglasses encompass the same great features like spring hinges and Megol covered contact surfaces. Sharp detailing showcases a medium coverage lens profile that makes it perfect for the leisure activity of your choice.

  • Polarchromic - Smith Optics Polarchromic lens technology combines the benefits of glare obliterating polarization with the advantage of photochromic light sensitivity. Available in either Carbonic or Techlite glass, Smith Optics Polarchromic lenses automatically self-adjust their tint in response to ambient UV light conditions creating a tint level which is perfect at all hours of the day. These lenses retain their photochromic properties indefinitely, certainly outliving the life of the frame itself. Spanning a range of approximately 10%-35% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Polarchromic lenses need only 10-25 seconds to fully transform from light to dark depending on UV light intensity. The result is a lens tint which is perfect at every moment of the day from dawn to dusk particularly at hours when the benefits of polarized are vital but the lens tint has to be light enough to see.
  • Techlite Lens - Crisp, brilliant optical acuity in an ultra lightweight glass lens. Smith Optics Techlite Glass Polarized lenses deliver the highest level of visual clarity and scratch resistance with distortion-free performance.
  • Tapered Lens Technology (TLT) - Visual distortion occurs when light waves hit an aggressively-curved lens causing it to bend or distort an objects true size or position. Imagine looking through a fish eye lens. What your eye normally sees, is stretched beyond reality. Get the picture? Tapered Lens Technology corrects the distortion by progressively tapering the lens from the optical center towards the out edges. Light waves are thereby delivered straight to your eye resulting in zero distortion and true optical clarity. What you see is what you get.
  • Grilamid TR90 Frame - Resilient, tough and flexible. Grilamid is an exceedingly light and durable plastic that will maintain its shape under any temperature changes. 
  • 8 Base Lens Curvature - Combining just enough head curve and optical centration to protect you from the elements. The 8 base’s mellowed wrap angle keeps you looking chic. Take ‘em off and you’re on your own.
  • Fit: Medium Fit / Medium Coverage
  • Frame Measurements: 61-16-135

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