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The TriVillage Running Store offers runners and triathletes the highest quality menís running shoes, womenís running shoes, running computers and running heart rate monitors available. You will find a wide selection of the latest menís and womenís running shoes and closeout running shoes including Brooks running sneakers, Mizuno running sneakers, K-Swiss triathlon shoes, Saucony sneakers and many more. Once you have found your perfect running shoes and triathlon running shoes, maximize your performance with the latest heart rate monitors and running computers from Polar, Garmin and Timex, and accessories from Fuelbelt, Nathan, Sorbothane, and many more!

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Choosing the Right Running Shoe

With all of the options available, the search for the right athletic shoe can feel overwhelming. Not only are there various brands of men's and women's shoes for every sport, there are different models of shoes designed for different types of activity. When beginning the search for your perfect running shoe, you must first evaluate your stride mechanics and arch type - both of these factors play a major role in how the foot reacts to running. Foot shape, intensity of activity, and surface can also affect the body's reaction upon landing. The guide will assist you in evaluating your personal running style and will provide tips for choosing the optimal shoe based upon your preferences and goals.Read Full Article

Traditional Versus Minimalist Running Shoes

For beginning runners and long-time athletes alike, it's extremely important to find the right running shoe. The right shoe will prevent injury and allow the runner to have as comfortable of a workout as possible. Recently, minimalist running shoes have become more popular, and the comparison between these and more traditional running sneakers has been a topic of ongoing debate. Although studies are being done to compare injury rates and the effects of each type of shoe on the general biomechanics of running, neither shoe has been proven superior than the other. Coupled with the fact that almost all shoe manufacturers now offer different varieties of men's and women's minimalist running shoes, making a choice can feel even more complicated. Thinking about trying a pair of minimalist sneakers? Learning the features of this type of shoe can aid in the decision-making process.Read Full Article

Winter Running Jackets

Even though temperatures are dropping, you don't have give up on exercising outdoors and head to the gym until spring. As long as you wear appropriate gear, you can skip the treadmill and continue running comfortably outdoors all throughout the winter. Specific men's and women's running jackets are designed for use in lower temperatures and have a variety of specific features to ensure you stay comfortable in the cold no matter how long you're outside running.Read Full Article

How Heart Rate Monitoring Can Improve Fitness/How to Choose a HRM

Heart rate monitors provide valuable data that can help improve performance and maximize the benefits of training. By tracking your heart rate, you can gauge your training and search for cues from your body that point to the effectiveness of a particular exercise program. Before purchasing a heart rate monitor, it's important to understand the science behind heart rate and blood flow. This will help in understanding what the different measurements mean.Read Full Article

Unique Characteristics of Trail Running Shoes

For those of you who like to take your runs off the pavement to somewhere a little more rugged, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of trail running shoes. These shoes will keep you safe and comfortable on unstable terrain. While thereís a wide spectrum and various features on different models of trail running shoes, there are two main features that differentiate them from a typical sneaker.Read Full Article

Unique Characteristics of Triathlon Running Shoes

If youíre a triathlete, you might think the run is one leg you donít really have to think about. You throw on your shoes and go, right? Not so fast. When transitioning from the bike to the run, the main goal is to put on your shoes and get out to the last part of the course as quickly as possible. Finding a quality pair of triathlon-specific running shoes can make a huge difference when it comes to speed and overall comfort.Read Full Article

Running Store Shopping Guide


Drink and Food Holders

When running during training and racing, one should consider the following categories of drink and food holders to use to assist in performing at optimal levels: 1.)  Hydration belts, 2.) Hand held bottles, 3.) Race belts with pockets/holders.

Hydration Belts

When it comes to hydration belts, many different options are available for the avid runner or triathlete.  Among the hydration belts to think about are: 1.) Hydration belts with 2 flasks, 2.) Hydration belts with 4 flasks, 3.) Hydration belts holding 1 large bottle, 4.) Hydration belts holding 1 flask

  • Hydration belts with 2 flasks - for the runner looking to hydrate with roughly 16 to 20 ounces of fluid, a 2 flask hydration belt is a good option.  In addition to having the capacity for 16 to 20 ounces of fluid, these belts often have a compartment to also carry one or two energy gels as well as other essentials.  These belts should be sufficient for running races from a 10k to a marathon.  Although you may need more hydration in a marathon, in an attempt to not be weighed down too much by your belt, 2 bottles should be good for close to half the marathon and you can always re-fill your bottles at a hydration station if you prefer not to stop at all of the rest stops.


  • Hydration belts with 4 flasks - for the runner looking to hydrate with roughly 32 to 40 ounces of fluid, a 4 flask hydration belt is ideal.  In addition to having the capacity for 32 to 40 ounces of fluid, these belts often have a compartment or multiple compartments to carry energy gels and other training or race day necessities.  These belts are typically sufficient for running races from a half marathon to a marathon.


  • Hydration belts with 1 large bottle - for the runner who does not like to run with multiple flasks, a hydration belt with 1 large 16 to 20 ounce bottle may be a suitable alternative.  1 Bottle hydration belts typically have a rear holster to hold the one bottle.  These hydration belts often have one or two compartments as well for carrying other essentials like energy gels.


  • Hydration belts with 1 flask - for the runner looking to run and feel as light as possible, a hydration belt with 1 flask is ideal.  A 1 flask hydration belt is very handy for the runner in bigger races like a marathon or half marathon who does not like to get held up by slowing down for hydration at the hydration stations.  By carrying a hydration belt with 1 flask, this type of runner can keep his or her pace and hydrate for the first few miles at his or her choosing.

Hand Held Bottles

  • Hand held bottles - for runners who do not like to train with hydration belts, a hand held bottle may be a good alternative.  Most hand held bottles have a protective bottle holder which is very functional and serves the purpose of allowing you to grip the bottle better and these holders often have a compartment or multiple compartments to carry keys, gels, or other essentials.

Race Belts With Pockets/Holders

For the competitor who prefers to be as light as possible and to not be weighed down by heavier hydration belts, a race number belt that either has a small zipper or velcro pocket or loops to stash gels is ideal. 


Heart Rate Monitors and Watches

When it comes to selecting sports watches and heart rate monitors for running, cycling, or for triathlon, one must consider several factors when making his or her decision. 

Sports Watches

  • Night light - for athletes who are relegated to very early morning or night training, sports fitness watches equipped with a night lights enable one to see his or her times while training.
  • Lap recall function - many sports watches are equipped with functionality which allows one to store historical data showing how long it took to perform a workout.  This function is very useful if you are measuring improvement when running, biking, or swimming on the same course.  If your distances remain the same and your times go down, it is easy to determine improvement in a certain discipline of training.
  • Countdown Timer - a countdown timer is another important functionality of most sports watches.  A countdown timer is instrumental if you are racing or training against the clock.  If you are running a 6 mile course and you want to run it in less than 1 hour, you can set the countdown timer to 1 hr and as you run, you will see how much time is remaining so you can decide if you need to speed up or slow down.
  • Alarms - alarms on watches can act as insurance against alarms at home that may not go off in the event that their is a power outage.  As a backup plan, it is always wise to have your sports watch alarm set to ensure that you wake up on time and do not miss a crucial workout session.
  • Size of display -  depending on one's vision, he or she should consider if small digital images or larger digital images are necessary.  Normally, a display with larger digits will be appreciated and give the athlete one less thing to worry about during training or racing.
  • Water resistance - most digital sports watches are water resistant down to a certain depth.  Before selecting the right digital sports watch, one should ascertain that the watch is water resistant to ensure that he or she will not have any issues with regards to the watch malfunctioning.
  • Watch size - some sports watches have smaller faces that are catered for women and some sports watches have regular to larger size faces and displays that are geared towards men.
  • Time display - when not training or racing, most digital sports watches have a separate screen that just shows the regular time of day in addition to the current date.


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