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Optic Nerve Axel Metal Frame Polarized Sunglasses

Home » Run Gear » Sunglasses » Lifestyle Sunglasses » Lifestyle Polarized Sunglasses » Optic Nerve Axel Metal Frame Polarized Sunglasses
Home » Bike Gear » Sunglasses » Lifestyle Sunglasses » Lifestyle Polarized Sunglasses » Optic Nerve Axel Metal Frame Polarized Sunglasses

Optic Nerve Axel Metal Frame Polarized Sunglasses

Product Code:OPTGLA0820-10
Optic Nerve Axel Metal Frame Polarized Sunglasses
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With the extreme conditions most of us are putting ourselves in these days, simply reducing glare is not enough. All polarized lenses reduce glare, but durability, optics and comfort are critical areas that must be addressed in order to maximize lens performance, comfort and value. This is the recipe that Optic Nerve has assembled in the Optic Nerve Axel Polarized Sunglasses. They have combined light weight comfort, long lasting durability, precision optics and polarized performance to produce a list of features and benefits that go a long way to helping you fully enjoy the outdoors.

·          100% UV Protection – Prolonged exposure to high range UV-A and UV-B radiation can cause significant eye damage ranging from discomfort to long term vision problems such as cataracts. While clouds can block much of the visible light, nearly 80% of the invisible UV radiation can still reach your eyes. All Optic Nerve lenses (including clear) meet or exceed the U.S. Government and FDA ANSI Z80.3 standards for impact resistance and UV protection. All lenses filter out 100% of the dangerous UV light up to the maximum 400 nanometers.

·          Focalpoint Lens Technology – Focalpoint lens technology is a process where the thickness of a deeper base curve lens is horizontally tapered from the bridge area and becomes thinner at the outer edge of the lens near the hinge. This process eliminates prismatic distortion by shifting the pure optical sweet spot of each lens from its natural position, and places it directly in front of the eye for crisp, clear optical clarity throughout each lenses entire peripheral range.

·          Four-Point Frame Fit – Optic Nerve prides themselves on engineering and constructing a product that fits well and continues to fit well over the life of the glass. They go through a meticulous specification process which measures tip to tip distance, pin to pin distance, mid-temple distance and panoscopic angle during the development process, to insure each frame is well balanced and has a secure and comfortable fit right off the display.

·          Line-less Spring Temple Hinge – Optic Nerve’s quality line-less spring hinges are durable and sleek, and provide a spring loaded fit which enhances comfort and security on their metal frames.

·          Nickel Silver Alloy – All of Optic Nerve’s metal frames and components are constructed from nickel silver alloy. This alloy offers excellent durability and resilience, and is coated for hypoallergenic performance.

·          Polarized Lens Technology – Polarized lenses have an invisible horizontal filter integrated into the lens which is designed to eliminate reflected (or polarized) light. This polarized light is more commonly referred to as glare. When sunlight is reflected off a surface, it becomes concentrated and even more intense. Polarized lenses filter out 99.9% of this reflected glare. They are recommended for bright sun and variable light conditions. Lens performance is fully maximized on or around water.

·          Polycarbonate Lens Resin – This resin is used to produce the most impact resistant lenses on the planet. Optic Nerve’s polycarbonate lenses exceed the FDA ANSI Z80.3 standards for general purpose impact resistance. These lenses are designed for general purpose usage and do not meet the ANSI Z87.1 industrial safety glass standards.

·          Frame enables RX lenses to be fit by optometrist

·          All Polarized styles come with a soft case

·          Lens Style: Fixed Lens

·          Color: Satin Black

·          Eyewear Lens Colors: Polarized Smoke Flash Mirror

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