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Oakley Radar XL Blades Iridium Accessory Lenses

Home » Run Gear » Sunglasses » Sunglass Replacement Lenses » Oakley Radar XL Blades Iridium Accessory Lenses
Home » Bike Gear » Sunglasses » Sunglass Replacement Lenses » Oakley Radar XL Blades Iridium Accessory Lenses

Oakley Radar XL Blades Iridium Accessory Lenses

Product Code:OAKACC2120-11
Oakley Radar XL Blades Iridium Accessory Lenses
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Oakley has a thing about durability. That’s why they engineered the Oakley Radar XL Blades Accessory Lenses with materials that beg for abuse. Oakley’s action sports pros tend to push their limits, and when their shades take a beating, sometimes the lenses have to be replaced. Luckily the design of RADAR makes it a no-worries proposition. Even if you never experience a full face slam, you might want a lens with the extra coverage of this XL shape. It comes in a range of hues so you can color your world a whole new way. All lenses are optimized with Oakley HYDROPHOBIC™, a permanent coating that repels water to prevent streaks and sheens from corrupting your vision. The coating is also “OLEOPHOBIC,” which is a Mad Science term for the way it maintains a smudge-resistant barrier against skin oils, fingerprints, lotions and sunscreens. On top of that, it repels dust. You get all that performance combined with HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) Optional lenses with Oakley’s permanent IRIDIUM® coating are engineered to precisely balance light transmission and reduce glare. All lenses are made of pure PLUTONITE® to filter out every single ray of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. That’s just the kind of overkill Oakley’s into.

·          +RED® (Positive Red) Iridium - When accurate color recognition is at the top of your performance list, you need a lens hue that offers a neutral spectrum of light transmission. Oakley +RED is the answer, and with Iridium coating, you’ll have reduced glare and balanced vision on bright days.

·          Black Iridium - A mainstay in sports competition, this lens option balances light transmission on bright days, helping you maintain truer color recognition.

·          Blue Iridium - Made for days when the sun cooks, Oakley’s Blue Iridium lens combines a contrast-enhancing tint with Iridium coating to balance light transmission and reduce glare. When optimized depth perception is critical, this lens makes it happen by increasing visual contrast.

·          Fire Iridium - This lens option reduces glare and balances light transmission on days when the solar orb shines with an attitude. It enhances contrast to hone visual details and ratchet-up your depth perception.

·          G26™ Iridium - It took a lot of innovation to zero-in on the best lens for shooting. Oakley’s G26 Iridium puts the crosshairs on performance and safety. It boosts contrast to bring out detail and improve depth perception when the skies are hazy or partly cloudy, and it enhances the orange in targets and hunting vests. (Not to be used for other activities.)

·          G30™ Iridium - Countless golfers swear by this lens, and it’s great for other activities as well. Oakley designed it to boost the contrast between colors and bring out visual detail in a way that enhances depth perception. Choose it to make the most of medium-bright days

·          Light +RED (Positive Red) Iridium - With a 40% transmission rate, this lens color is specially engineered for the mid range of sun brightness. You won’t find it too dark for use on partly cloudy days, and with its neutral tint, it will help you maintain truer color recognition.

·          Slate Iridium - Medium light can be maddening because conventional lenses hide too much detail. Oakley created this lens color specifically for average light, and Oakley optimized it with Iridium to reduce glare. The neutral tint helps you maintain truer color recognition.

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