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Oakley Commit AV Iridium Accessory Lenses

Home » Run Gear » Sunglasses » Sunglass Replacement Lenses » Oakley Commit AV Iridium Accessory Lenses
Home » Bike Gear » Sunglasses » Sunglass Replacement Lenses » Oakley Commit AV Iridium Accessory Lenses

Oakley Commit AV Iridium Accessory Lenses

Product Code:OAKACC1140-11
Oakley Commit AV Iridium Accessory Lenses
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With its interchangeable lens design, Oakley Commit AV Sunglasses are a chameleon of performance. Make the most of it with Oakley Commit-AV Iridium Accessory Lenses. You’ll be ready for whatever the sun or the competition tries to dish out. All accessory lenses are made with 8.75 base curvature for extended peripheral view and improved side protection against sun, wind and impact. Clarity and impact resistance meet all ANSI Z87.1 standards, thanks to the patented innovations of HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®). Every single lens is optimized with a permanent coating called Oakley HYDROPHOBIC™, a water-repelling barrier that also resists smudges

·          Black Iridium - A mainstay in sports competition, these accessory lenses balance light transmission on bright days, helping you maintain truer color recognition.

·          Black Persimmon Iridium Transitions - These lenses darken automatically to optimize performance in a full range of light conditions. The Iridium coating balances light transmission and reduces glare, and you’ll have increased visual contrast to improve your depth perception.

·          G20™ Black Iridium - Made for sunny conditions, these lenses combine a glare-reducing coating of Iridium with a specially formulated rose tint to enhance contrast and clarity. Better contrast means better depth perception

·          G30™ Iridium - Countless golfers swear by these lenses, and they’re great for other sports as well. They were designed to boost the contrast between colors and bring out visual detail in a way that enhances depth perception. Choose these lenses to make the most of medium-bright days.

·          G30 Black Iridium - These lenses are a performance favorite. Best for average brightness (which means everything up to blinding sun), their combination of color and coating helps boost contrast and depth perception while reducing glare.

·          Slate Iridium - Medium light can be maddening because conventional lenses hide too much detail. Oakley created this lens color specifically for average light, and optimized it with Iridium to reduce glare. The neutral tint helps you maintain truer color recognition.

·          VR28® Black Iridium - This lens option is used for everything from baseball to cricket. It provides increased visual contrast to help players see the ball better against the sky and field. Made for bright conditions, it includes Iridium lens coating to balance light.

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