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Mizuno Men’s Running Shoes and Sneakers

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Mizuno running shoes for men continue to grow in popularity. Whether you are an experienced road racer or a weekend warrior, our running shoe experts will be happy to assist you finding the optimal Mizuno sneakers for your specific running needs. From perennial favorites like the Mizuno Wave Rider, the Mizuno Wave Nirvana, and the Mizuno Wave Creation to lighter running shoes, like the Mizuno Wave Precision and the Mizuno Wave Elixir ,you will find the right Mizuno running shoe at

Mizuno Running Shoes Shopping Guide


Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno running sneakers are individually tailored to the particular needs of each sector of the running population.  Mizuno's full line of performance running shoes boosts the running experience for all types of runners.  Mizuno running shoes span three main categories:  Neutral running shoes for runners who exhibit normal pronation, support running shoes for runners with moderate over pronation, and control running shoes for runners with servere over pronation issues. 

Mizuno Neutral Running Shoes

Year in and year out, Mizuno continues to improve upon their 3 main neutral running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Creation, the Mizuno Wave Rider, and the Mizuno Wave Precision. 

The Mizuno Wave Creation provides maximum support and epitomizes the ultimate in cushioning technology.  The Mizuno Wave Creation boasts a solid rubber forefoot outsole design for durability and flexibility.

The Mizuno Wave Rider is historically Mizuno's most popular neutral running shoe.  Exhibiting superior shock absorption and a solid rubber forefoot outsole design for durability and flexibility, the Mizuno Wave Rider recently won the editor's choice award in Runner's World magazine

The Mizuno Wave Precision is a great running sneaker for the runner looking for a lightweight performance shoe for fast training sessions or for racing.  Although extremely light, the Mizuno Wave Precision still provides a durable blown rubber forefoot outsole design for cushioning and flexibility.  The Mizuno Wave Precision 9 recently won the Best Performance Shoe presented by the Running Network.

Mizuno Support Running Shoes

For the runner with a low to normal arch and in need of some support for moderate over pronation, Mizuno continues to improve upon their 3 main support running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Nirvana, the Mizuno Wave Inspire, and the Mizuno Wave Elixir. 

The Mizuno Wave Nirvana is the Mizuno running shoe that provides the maximum support for the moderate over pronator.  The Mizuno Wave Nirvana incorporates the latest advancements in Dynamotion Fit which allows for an unparalleled fit while in motion. 

The Mizuno Wave Inspire provides the perfect blend of support and cushioning in a package that transitions like no other.  The Mizuno Wave Inspire boasts technologies like SmoothRide and has a solid rubber forefoot outsole design for cushioning, flexibility, and durability.  The Mizuno Wave Inspire recently was voted the Runner's World Best Buy in the stability running shoe category.

The Mizuno Wave Elixir is a great performance running shoe which provides a great blend of support and cushioning in a low-profile, lightweight package.  In Mizuno's never ending quest for continuous improvement of their running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Elixir was recently rewarded with the Runner's World Best Update award in the Performance Training running shoe category.

Mizuno Control Running Shoes

For the runner with a low to flat arch and in need of motion control for severe pronation, Mizuno continues to improve upon the Mizuno Wave Renegade and the Mizuno Alchemy.

The Mizuno Wave Renegade is a great motion control running shoe for the heavier runner in need of pronation control.  Engineered with Smoothride technology, Double Fan Wave technology, and a combination solid rubber/blown rubber forefoot outsole design, the Mizuno Wave Renegade offers the utmost in cushioning, flexibility, and durability.

The Mizuno Wave Alchemy is lighter than the Renegade but still offers the perfect combination of control and cushioning while providing an unsurpassed ride.  The Mizuno Wave Alchemy recently won the Runner's World award for Best Update in the August 2010 issue of Runner's World.


Mizuno Footwear Technology

Mizuno running sneakers are extremely technologically advanced and are manufactured with performance and function in mind.  Below is a listing of Mizuno running shoe technologies:

  • Mizuno Wave™ - the leading Mizuno footwear technology that combines cushioning and stability, two distinctly different elements that are both inherently necessary in great running shoes.   


  • Mizuno SmoothRide™ - Mizuno's engineering approach to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible.


  • Mizuno Intercool™ - Mizuno's full-length midsole ventilation system which reduces heat and humidity build-up inside the shoe.


  • Mizuno VS-1™ - Mizuno's shock-absorbing cushioning compound found in the heel and forefoot.


  • Mizuno's X10™ - Mizuno's most durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and supplements traction at each heel strike.


  • Mizuno's AIRmesh™ - Mizuno's AIRmesh provides the maximum amount of breathability and comfort of the upper.


  • Mizuno Gender Engineering™ - Mizuno's gender engineering technology adjusts to the fundamental differences between the running styles of men and women by creating running shoes that more closely match the different running styles of the male and female runner.


  • Mizuno's Dynamotion Fit - Mizuno's design technology relieves the stress the foot naturally places on footwear - eliminating distortion for the perfect fit.


  • Mizuno's Mid Sole - Mizuno's Mid Sole technology is an engineering approach that minimizes the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible.


  • Mizuno's SensorPoint™ - Mizuno's SensorPoint suspension system connects the Mizuno Wave plate to the ground, resulting in enhanced stability and traction.


  • Mizuno's G3 Sole - Mizuno G3 Sole technology results in an outsole that provides a superior grip with less weight.  G3-DR provides the ultimate in added durability n key contact points.


  • Mizuno's Wet Traction - Mizuno's Wet Traction technology is a bi-directional outsole rubber compound that breaks through water, resulting in better grip and traction in all weather conditions.


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