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Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin

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Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin

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Product Code:HYDFIN0100
Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin
Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin
Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin
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Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin
Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin

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Winner of the Australian Design Award.

The Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin is the world’s only Silicon based fin - Eradicates ulcers while providing super ergonomic foot pocket design and movement. The most user friendly and ergonomically designed surfing fin available!

The principal function of the Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin is to enable anyone from a novice to an Olympic standard swimmer to achieve an exact balanced kick, while using their preferred armstroke. As well as strengthening and toning the muscles, using the fins during swim training gives the legs neuro-musclular memory so that when the swimmer then swims without fins, they kick more effectively.

The Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fin has been specifically designed to be molded in silicone, as opposed to rubber. The benefits of using this material far outweigh the extra cost; the silicone does not cause blisters as rubber is prone to, and the translucent colors are an attractive marketing advantage. In addition to this, silicone is denser than water which helps keep the feet below the surface - essential when kicking correctly. The actual blend and hardness of the silicone used has been the result of extensive collaboration with the molder, the material is soft, yet resistant to tearing and splitting, and is UV proof as well.

·          The shape of the foot pockets has been the subject of considerable research, and along with the dedicated left and right foot fins, give exceptional comfort, and greatly reduce the incidence of cramps. The heel strap has ankle cut-outs to prevent chafing and all the edges of the foot cavity are rounded for the same reason.

·          The underside of the foot area has a non-slip tread pattern which makes walking round the pool less hazardous, and also means that tumble turns and diving are safer too.

·          The angle of the blade surface relative to the foot is different to conventional fins, and has been designed to create the least possible resistance to the kick action.

·          The asymmetrical plan shape of the blade allows the fin to be reasonably short and wide without the potential nuisance of the fins bumping together while swimming, or walking - another benefit of using individual left and right foot moulds.

·          The "V" rails along the edges of the blade have a dual function - as well as ensuring the blade is sufficiently stiff to function effectively and channel water along the blade, Hydro Sportz have patented them, which means the unique shape of the rails which gives the product its distinctive appearance cannot be copied.

·          Each of the 5 sizes has a different blade / foot area ratio to make sure that it is correct for the persons size - this means the smaller sizes have proportionally longer blades relative to the foot pocket length to create the correct thrust.

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Product Reviews

3  Hydro 2 Swim Fins, August 11, 2009
Posted By: Mary

These fins fit 1/2 size too small, my toes rubbed. They are heavy. Perhaps I am spoiled by the Zura fins which I love. I was looking for more propulsion which these didn't provide. I returned them and was very pleased with Trivillage for their prompt refund.

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5  Great fins!, July 29, 2008
Posted By: Dr. Michael Pangelinan

Excellent & comfortable fins! I use them 5 days a week in both open water and pool training sessions. However, if you plan to bodysurf or bodyboard with them I would definitely get the optional straps as the silicone does temporarily stretch.

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5  Hydro Tech 2 swim fins, September 13, 2007
Posted By: Faye

I expected to get blue ice but instead I recvd black. Rather than go thru the inconvenience of exchanging them, I just decided to keep them.

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4  Swim fins, August 18, 2007
Posted By: Jenny

These fins have a natural feel when using them and they cause less ankle fatigue that others I've tried. In addition they did not cause any blisters. They will fit a wider foot well as they have ample width. They do tend to feel sharp across the top of my foot a bit.

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5  Silicone fins, June 9, 2007
Posted By: Suzanne Brown

I like the fins. I think that the sizing is off but that has been remedied by buying a another pair in a smaller size. I did get a couple of blisters until my feet toughened up but they're fine now.

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