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Hammer Nutrition Recoverite - 32 Serving

Home » Run Gear » Nutrition » Energy & Recovery Drinks » Hammer Nutrition Recoverite - 32 Serving
Home » Bike Gear » Nutrition » Energy & Recovery Drinks » Hammer Nutrition Recoverite - 32 Serving

Hammer Nutrition Recoverite - 32 Serving

Product Code:hamdrk0300
Hammer Nutrition Recoverite - 32 Serving
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How well you perform tomorrow depends on how well you recover today, which is why you can’t cut corners when it comes to your post-workout fueling. Recoverite supplies your body with the proper 3:1 ratio of complex carbohydrates and the highest quality whey protein isolate, along with generous amounts of multi-beneficial glutamine (a whopping 3 grams per serving!), the potent antioxidant l-carnosine, and a full-spectrum electrolyte profile. The result is rapid and enhanced recovery, which allows you to obtain the maximum value from all your hard workouts, ideally prepping your body for your next workout or race. Make sure you’re recovering right with Recoverite and remember, it makes a superb meal replacement drink as well. Train hard, recover right today and feel great tomorrow.

Extra Benefits:

The amino acid glutamine, also contained in Hammer Whey, plays a vital role in the health of the muscles, immune system, and digestive tract. Glutamine is arguably the key "recovery amino" as it (A) helps boost the immune system (B) helps to reduce the symptoms of overtraining syndrome (C) plays a role in enhancing glycogen synthesis (D) stimulates muscle protein synthesis for the rebuilding of lean muscle tissue.

  • Minimize post-exercise muscle soreness
  • Optimize muscle recovery
  • Replenish depleted electrolytes
  • Restore muscle glycogen
  • Support immune system integrity
  • Pleasant tasting, not too sweet or thick
  • Excellent meal replacement drink
  • Recoverite – provides an ideal 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, resulting in superior glycogen synthesis and muscle tissue rebuilding, the two main components of recovery.
  • For carbohydrates, Recoverite only contains maltodextrin, a complex carbohydrate with a high glycemic index, to insure rapid metabolism.
  • For proteins, Recoverite only contains whey protein isolate, which is virtually fat and lactose free, and yields the highest percentage of protein.
  • Recoverite contains a potent, recovery boosting 3 grams of l-glutamine.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 2 scoops (49grams)

  • Calories – 166
  • Calories from fat – 0
  • Total Fat – 0 grams
  • Sugars – 2grams
  • Protein – 10grams
  • Vitamin B6 – 4.8mg
  • Sodium chloride – 74.4mg
  • L-carnosine – 60mg
  • L-Tyrosine – 13.2mg
  • Glycine – 37.2mg
  • ​L-Glutamine – 3000mg 

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