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Giro Ionos Helmet

Product Code:GIRHEL1130-09
Giro Ionos Helmet
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The Giro Ionos is the most technologically advanced road cycling helmet Giro has ever created. Their revolutionary in-mold composite sub-frame (I.C.S) provides the strength to support 21 of the largest vents ever carved into a helmet. These massive vents, coupled with an intricate network of internal exhaust ports, create a cooling system Giro calls Wind Tunnel ventilation. Ionos keeps riders like Grand Tour Triple Crown Champion Alberto Contador cool and comfortable all season long.

·          In-Mold Technology – In-mold construction fuses the helmet’s outer shell with the impact-absorbing EPS liner. The two materials are fused together, and one is reinforced by the other. This ‘exoskeletion’ allows Giro to engineer helmets that are lighter, more durable and better ventilated.

·          Roc Loc 4 – Giro’s Roc Loc 4 is the industry benchmark for adjustability, durability and comfort. The system provides full adjustment of the fit tension and the helmet’s vertical position for a truly custom fit. And with a better fit, the helmet is more stable on your head, especially riding over rough roads or technical trails.

·          Super Fit Engineering – A great helmet is so comfortable that it virtually disappears when you put it on. Giro’s proprietary three-size Super Fit system is based on “human scale factors” data and nearly 20 years of crafting helmets for the best riders in the world. The result is a line of helmets that fit 98% of the world’s population, yet look and fit like they were made just for you.

·          Composite Subframe – How can a helmet be so light and cool and yet still meet the industry’s toughness standards? The Ionos features a visible weave of composite called In-mold Composite Sub Frame, which runs throughout the helmet’s liner and around the vents. With the use of composites, the sub-frame is tuned to provide incredible structural support, impact dispersion and resistance to penetration. And it’s the secret to the Iono’s ability to offer great big vents without compromising protective capability.

·          Cool Vents – After sculpting Ionos around 21 massive vents, Giro carved a system of internal ventilation channels throughout the helmet’s EPS liner with their Wind Tunnel technology. By tuning and optimizing the system, they were able to thrust 15% more cool air across the rider’s head than their own market leading Atoms helmet. The ventilation system is so effective that riders wearing Ionos will be appreciably cooler than riders who choose to not wear a helmet at all. Even on the baking hot, dog days of summer.

·          Ionos Winter Kit – Iono’s massive vents are so effective at moving air across a rider’s head that ‘ice cream headaches’ are not uncommon on cold days. So, Giro developed a clever winter liner to help keep you warm when the weather isn’t.

·          X-Static Helmet Padding – Found exclusively in Ionos helmet padding, X-Statice, The Silver Fiber, is an environmentally friendly silver-coated fabric that provides antimicrobial and thermodynamic benefits. So, in addition to staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, your Ionos will stay fresh all year round.

·          Wind Tunnel Ventilation – Giro helmets are developed utilizing their proprietary Wind Tunnel ventilation system which combines active vents with internal exhaust channels that thrust cool, fresh air over and around the rides head while forcing heat and stale air out. This significant increase in air channeling makes a difference that riders will immediately feel and appreciate.

·          Usage - Road