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Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Running Watch with HRM

Home » Bike Gear » Heart Rate Monitors & Watches » GPS Watches » Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Running Watch with HRM
Home » Run Gear » Heart Rate Monitors & Watches » GPS Watches » Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Running Watch with HRM

Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Running Watch with HRM

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Product Code:GARHRM0800-11
Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Running Watch with HRM
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You swim. You bike. You run. You obsess over data and details. So does Garmin. And they’ve just perfected your new training partner. The Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Running Watch is the only all-in-one, GPS-enabled device that provides detailed swim metrics and tracks distance, pace, elevation and heart rate¹ for running and cycling. It sports a sleek profile, comfy wristband and an easy-to-read display.

  • Dive In - Designed for open water and pool swimming, Forerunner 910XT is water resistant to 50 m (164 ft). It’s the first multisport watch from Garmin to offer extensive swim metrics, including swim distance, stroke identification, stroke count and pool lengths. It also computes your swolf score to help you gauge your swimming efficiency. The 910XT’s robust design and easy operations make it suited for other water sports, including paddle boarding.
    • Because it’s GPS-enabled, Forerunner 910XT even captures the path you traveled so you can view it later on a map in Garmin’s free online community, Garmin Connect™. This feature can help you analyze your open water swimming and adjust your technique as needed.
  • Transition Seamlessly - Whether you’re training or racing, every second counts, so the 910XT makes it easy and seamless to transition between sports. The auto multisport feature lets you switch sport modes with just 1 button press, so you don’t lose precious seconds in transition. The optional quick release mount allows you to move the 910XT easily from wrist to bike.
  • Try it Dry - On land, Forerunner 910XT offers many of the features of Garmin’s advanced cycling computers and sport watches to accurately capture your time, distance, speed or pace and more. The 910XT is the first multisport device from Garmin to incorporate a barometric altimeter for highly accurate elevation data, including ascent, descent and grade. Configurable data fields let you customize multiple training pages for each sport. Set up vibration alerts to give a silent nudge when you hit a split, when it’s time to take nutrition or if you need a little feedback to stay within range of your goals. With these high-level features and up to 20 hours of battery life, the 910XT is ideal for athletes training for ultras or iron distance tris.
  • Take it to the Next Level - For advanced training, the 910XT is compatible with ANT+™ sensors, including the optional speed/cadence sensor for cycling or premium heart rate monitor (included with some models). You can pair the 910XT with an existing ANT+ heart rate monitor or purchase as an accessory. Track your weight, body fat, body water and six other measurements when using the 910XT with the Tanita BC-1000 body composition scale. The readings are stored on Forerunner 910XT, and then automatically sent to Garmin Connect when in range of your computer.
    • And for those data-driven athletes, the 910XT also is compatible with ANT+ power meters, like Vector™, Garmin’s pedal-based power meter.
  • Plan, Analyze and Share - Make the most of every workout by uploading to Garmin Connect. Here, you can see your activity on a map and view detailed metrics. You also can use Connect to plan new routes, create and schedule custom workouts and explore activities from other users. Through the magic of ANT+ wireless technology and the tiny USB stick that comes with your 910XT, your workout data automatically transfers to your computer when in range. Mac® and PC compatible.
  • What’s in the Box?
    • Forerunner 910XT
    • Premium heart rate monitor
    • USB ANT Stick™
    • AC charger
    • Charging clip
    • Expander strap
    • Manual

¹Although heart rate monitor may be worn in water, it will not transmit heart rate data while submerged.

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Product Reviews

5  Garmin 910XT HRM Review, April 3, 2012
Posted By: Eric Fried

I have been buying triathlon gear from Trivillage since 2008 and Trivillage has always been the most reliable source of gear wisdom that i know. When I heard about the new Garmin 910xt- i did alot of research about the new device. I looked at it at the Garmin booth at local races, I asked my friends who had other Garmin equipment and most importantly I asked Trivillage for an opinion. Trivillage told me it was the most popular device of 2012 but it was hard to keep in stock. I now have my new toy and it has been the best investment i have mede in my athletic life in a long time.

As a comparison to other Garmin devices, It's Smaller! Garmin crammed all the features typically found in a GPS triathlon watch into the smallest package yet. No other GPS watch capable of tracking swim, bike and run is remotely this svelte, although it does still sit slightly wider than the average wrist.

I finally have a true measurement of how i am doing with out relying on perceived execration or just my heart rate. For the first time i have real time lap split while I am running. The best part- i am running faster now. In the beginning when I just got the 910- I was amazed that my splits had wild variability. Now that I see the data in real time, i sometimes can't believe that I'm running so slow or fast. Its a very practical investment.

The Battery Lasts forever. Long enough for a full day of work or a full ironman. With a battery life of up to 20 hours, it can last for several days if turned off between training sessions. I often wear it all day after a workout. The time display is huge and its a pretty impressive time piece. You have to set one of the data fields to (1) and select Time of Day to use it as a watch. Just don't forget to charge it for the next day.

It's A Cycling Altimeter but not a thermometer! A thermometer would be nice- next time Garmin. Instead of relying on notoriously unreliable GPS altitude, the 910XT has a built-in barometer to read altitude and slope. We found the slope function able to accurately measure total slope of a climb but not short, individual segments. I actually enable the elevation correction on Garmin connect because I find it more reliable and accurate.

It Dissects Swim Performance using accelerometers, the watch counts strokes to create many useful pieces of information about your efficiency and technique. In a pool it is accurate to a stroke. I will regularly swim 1500 (slowly) at flamingo pool and the auto lap is set to go off every 500 yards. Without exception the device vibrates as my hand is comming to the wall every 500 yards. Simply amazing. It divides distance-per-stroke down to each individual lap. In open water, this feature generates average stroke distance over a swim or between splits. to create an ideal measure of pacing and efficiency during a workout. I have never had so much data in my life.

Its compatable with other devices. ANT+ connectivity allows the 910XT to display data collected by other devices, such as power meters and heart-rate monitors. All info can be uploaded to a computer and Garmin's social platform, Garmin Connect.

Garmin connect is also incredible. After installing the ANT+ loader on my computer and creating a Garmin Connect account its so simple. After a work out- I come home and drink something from the fridge. Bu the time I am done with my drink-the data from my work out is already uploaded on to my Garmin connect account. Usually I have to leave for work so I put away the ant usb stick and take pack up my laptop. At some point during the day, I relive the morning workout on my computer to feed my obsession. My co-workers and friends think this is a little odd- but if your reading this I'm sure you understand.

In conclusion- I am very glad I took Trivillage's advice and got this device. Since getting it I have been swimming, biking and running faster. I'm generally a middle of the pack age group athlete but I love to race. Up next is Florida 70.3 in May, then Eagleman 70.3 in June and finally NYC Ironman in August. I am looking forward to great results.

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