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Finis Hydrospeed 2 Bladeback Swimsuit - Women's

Home » Swim Gear » Swimming Apparel » Women's Swimming Apparel » Women's Technical Swimsuits » Finis Hydrospeed 2 Bladeback Swimsuit - Women's
Home » Women's Apparel » Women's Swimming Apparel » Women's Technical Swimsuits » Finis Hydrospeed 2 Bladeback Swimsuit - Women's

Finis Hydrospeed 2 Bladeback Swimsuit - Women's

Product Code:FINWSW0100-10
Finis Hydrospeed 2 Bladeback Swimsuit - Women's
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Finis HydroSpeed bladeback swimsuits use specific water repellant and iso-panel characteristics to allow the athlete to perform at the highest level of competition. HydroSpeed suits are also built with tougher fabric and stitching, making it more durable than other similar racing suits on the market.

HydroSpeed 2 is the fusion of water and performance. The FINIS Development team has elevated the original HydroSpeed line and created a new racing suit with three unique elements:

  • Water-Repellency - In order to reduce the overall drag coefficient in the water, HydroSpeed 2 fabric is comprised of a light-weight, hollow-core SCALEX material, which allows for less water absorption. The embossed, scale-like finish deflects and whisks away water from the body. The suit effectively turns the body into a hydro-dynamic torpedo, with reduced drag and increased speed.
  • Smart Compression - The hollow-core Scalex material provides a comfortable compression against the body. The engineered fabric holds and presses muscle groups effectively, without squeezing and restricting muscle movement. Further, each suit is comprised of several different iso-panels that target specific compression levels for different muscle groups. By isolating and slightly pressing against the muscles, lactic acid levels are reduced and nerve senses are heighted The result allows athletes to be more aware of their body position and technique, swim more effectively at higher speeds and longer distances, and ultimately increase overall performance.
  • Durability - Knowing that Swimmers have multiple races in a season, the FINIS development team wanted to design the suit to last longer than other similar championship suits. By utilizing a stronger, double-layer fabric and secure flat-lock stitches, the HydroSpeed 2 suits guarantee durability without having to increase the overall weight of the suit. Each HydroSpeed 2 suit comes with a 30 day warranty from FINIS.
  • Specialized female cut extends from neck to waist
  • HydroSpeed 2 swimwear is a tight competitive fit.  Suit sizes run more closely to your regular training suit size and do not require scaling down. For example, if you train in a size 28, you should race in a HydroSpeed 2 size 28. Review the sizing chart to find your appropriate size.

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