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Finis Ankle Strap Stationary Swim Cord

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Finis Ankle Strap Stationary Swim Cord

Product Code:FINEQP1700-12
Finis Ankle Strap Stationary Swim Cord
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The Finis Ankle Strap Stationary Swim Cord is made with durable rubber tubing and two comfortable ankle straps. The tubing extends from the ankles to an anchor point in the pool such as a diving block or ladder. The configuration allows for the swimmer to kick freely in a stationary position, where they can develop endurance and work on stroke technique. The Swim Cords Ankle Straps aid in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and kick training, while also serving as a great way for coaches to observe swimmers from the pool deck. The portability of the Swim Cords Ankle Straps gives swimmers an opportunity to train in various locations, including backyard and hotel pools.

          Stationary Swimming - Develop endurance and technique in a controlled environment

          Practice Perfect Technique - Test different head, body, and hip positions 

          Coaches Aid - Allows coaches to observe a swimmer's stroke while they remain stationary 

          Ideal for Restricted Swimming Space - Perfect in smaller pools including backyard and hotel pools 

          Kick Training - Swimmers can train with a hard kick without any interference 

          Dry land Workouts - Build leg strength with dry land resistance training including leg abduction, extension and curls 

          Soft Ankle Straps - Comfortable and adjustable ankle straps provided unrestricted kicking 

          Two, 311 (120cm) resistance cords (one for each ankle)

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