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Bell Volt Road Helmet

Bell Volt Road Helmet

Product Code:BELHEL2040-12
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
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Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
Bell Volt Road Helmet
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Shipping Weight:6 lbs.
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The Bell Volt Road Helmet is an amazing combination of massive ventilation, svelte weight, and high-tech comfort. Eleven frontal vents corral massive amounts of air with the help of the Volt's custom-sculpted Composite Fiber Intakes (CFI) which direct flow to the helmets internal Stream Jet Ventilation Channels. Rearward exhaust ports and the moisture-wicking X-Static Padding work in tandem to help keep the rider cool and dry. The Volt is made even more comfortable by Bell's next-generation Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system that allows riders to both dial in the exact fit, as well as adjust the mechanism's vertical position on the back of the head. Designed to be used on-or off-road, the Volt features Bell's removable Variable Position Visor (VPV) and is equally at home in Tour De France as it is on the World Cup XC mountain bike circuit.

·          Twin Axis Gear (TAG) -  Bell’s next generation Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system adjusts to the head on two axes – circumferentially as standard fit systems do, but also vertically to better accommodate differences in the up/down position of the occipital lobe. For added comfort Bell co-molded the system arms with soft rubber and positioned them higher to better accommodate eyewear. The result is the most adjustable, comfortable and easy-to-use fit system ever.

·          Variable Position Visor (VPV) – Bell’s top-of-the-line Variable Position Visor allows for 15 degrees of horizontal adjustment by using an imbedded clutch mechanism that holds the visor firmly at the desired angle. Changing the VPV’s angle just takes a simple up or down tug.

·          Fusion In-Mold Microshell – In-molding is the process of bonding the helmet’s Microshell to its EPS foam layer to provide a sturdier, more solid helmet. The EPS foam is shot into the thin Microshell cap when it’s in the mold – thus the name – rather than formed separately and taped on later. This process was pioneered by Bell and is now the industry standard for all high-end helmets. All but Bell’s toddler helmets are now made with this construction method.

·          Composite Fiber Intake (CFI) Composite Construction – Bell’s Composite Fiber Intakes (CFI) serve double duty on the all-new Volt. First, they serve as an ultra lightweight yet rigid skeleton to reinforce the helmet’s overall structure. Second, their directional orientation deflects airflow to the helmet’s internal Stream Jet Ventilation System which uses the Venturi Effect to increase ventilation velocity and cooling.

·          Internal Reinforcement – In order to maximize venting and minimize bulk, high-end helmets feature internal reinforcement structures. These composite skeletons fortify helmets the same way rebar makes concrete stronger, allowing for bigger vents, more advanced styling and lighter weight, while still meeting stringent safety standards.

·          Stream Jet Ventilation – For the Volt race helmet, Bell engineers created an airflow matrix that mixes the deeply sculpted Channeled Ventilation ducts with specially designed constriction channels that use the Venturi Effect to increase airflow rates. The result of the alternating high volume and high airflow channels is a system that efficiently moves cool air in the front and exhaust warm flow out the rear of the helmet.

·          X-Static Padding – Woven with real silver fibers, X-Static Padding is a quick-drying and anti-microbial material that inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi while keeping you cooler that standard comfort pads.

·          Cam-Lock Levers – Bell’s Cam-Lock strap levers make it easy to adjust the straps around your ears. Simply open the cam…position comfortably and close the lever. Done.

·          Registered Graphics – Getting helmet graphics to hit the right spot on the helmet without distorting or warping is more challenging than most people realize. It’s why you see many of Bell’s competitors only doing helmets in solid colors or with very simple graphics. Bell Designers have pioneered methods for registering graphics, so that they can make some of the most graphically complex and visually appealing helmets in the world.

·          In-Mold Bottom Wrap – In-Mold bottom wraps bring a new level of durability, solidity and aesthetics to helmets. By bonding Microshell material to the lower half of the helmet, In-Mold bottom wraps cover what on most helmets is a less durable, exposed EPS foam.

·          Visor Plugs – Visor Plugs are designed to be snapped into visor receptacles when the visor is removed to give the helmet a finished look.

·          Vents: 22

·          Use: Road Race, MTB XC Race, Cyclocross, Triathlon, Enthusiast Road

·          Weight: 10.5oz / 297g

·          Certification: CPSC; CE EN1078

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